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power coming and going??

  Clio 182
Hi all just picked up the 182 today. Has 66k on clock 54 reg. I noticed that when I test drove it it said 46 or 48mpg?!
Iv taken it home and while booting it the power seems to surge a little. Im thinking its because its a bit coaked up and needs a good thrashing?
  Clio 182
When I put my foot down the car revs then picks up at 5k but backs off at 5200 and feels flat after picking up like it did before 5k. This feels odd and is definitely not normal.
  megane 285 sport
Its called 5k kick its do with the fueling, if theres something slightly off it be down to the timing.
  Clio 182
Right then.
Been to Dan at 519 and had the timing checked. All ok.
Diagnostic brought up the pre cat lambda sensor was dead. Typical I'd checked all sensors apart from that one! DOH.
Bought some lowering springs off him and just fitted them. Just need some spacers front and rear now. ;)
  106GTI / NovaC20LET
Swap the lambda's over mate, saves spending a fortune on a new one. The post one only measures if the cat is working or not and both sensors are identical.
  Clio 182
Its been replaced so sorted now. The eml light came on a couple of days after the decat was fitted so that will be back on again soon. Best try the Lambda spacer and hope it works.