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Power Engineering Results - The Graphs

  Lionel Richie

Ill answer that one Roamer!!!!! Hes got a Viper, K-tec racing full exhaust from CAT back and a super chip re-map (bottom line on graph is just with viper and exhaust)
  Renault Laguna Coupe

It would be interesting to see how all this translates to speed on the track. A high-speed course like Donington would be ideal... you listening John???;)

Impressive stuff!

So, according to the graphs, the Superchip re-map was worth +10bhp and +10 lb/ft torque...up from 155lb/ft @5400rpm to 165lb/ft @ 5400rpm.

What was PEs overall comment on the combination? Could they have squeezed any more power out of the car? Whats the next level of modification needed to get more bhp/torque?

More importantly, how does the car drive on the road?

I am still totally baffled as to WHY they havnt shown power at the wheels ?.

(which is read directly on the rollers)

A nice percentage increase though Roamer, nice one.. we just dont know the validy of the actual figures though, onlty the percentage increase.


Telford_mike - I hear ya mate, but I just cant justify it with the repair bill and all, shame really, but gotta have it done before Brands Hatch ;-)

JJ172 - The car drives on the road like a dream, noticably faster than before, and the rev limit helps in getting the jump on gear changes, next mod? I dont know, maybe Throttle Bodies, I really wana see 200bhp+, get to that magical 100bhp/Litre ;)

Joe - Yeah, I know I was disapointed but he didnt record the figure at the wheels on the first run, so couldnt do the comparison graph ATW, bummer really. Now, what do you think my next performance mod should be? taking into account me wanting to get to 200bhp of course, throttle bodies? I still want it to be a good town driving car so no Wild Cam ideas matey ;)
  Lionel Richie

Get the head ported and polished (it may have some work already done to it by Reno) but if its a mass produced head, its gonna have some rough bits

Hi Roamer, dont bother with the head, its fine, and NEVER have one polished.. (thats just for show and no go - Sorry Fred lol!)

this is enforced by the FACT that the restriction on the 172 IS THE INLET MANIFOLD and SYSTEM design as a whole.

Yes, tbs are the way to go, you should get a good 215-225 setup correctly.

you will need an aftermarket ecu though which adds to the cost.

Most people chose choke sizes that are FAR too large, select the size correctly and you will have a superb, tractable unit. (It will be as good, or indeed better around town than it is now m8!)

Dont change the cams, not worth it...


Capt, we did get exactly 215BHp with a std motor and tbs! well, and magneti marelli control.

and out of interest, what is you view on tapered TBs, saya 48mm taper to a 42mm.......alot has been talked about teh ebnefits to torque etc etc, but isnt the 42mm inlet still teh main overiding restriction, its like adding a tapered trumpet to a carm, its still a 400mm DCOE aint it.

if ya increase gas speed you lower the pressure.

the only reason was to allow a better atomisation of fuel from carb jets.. ie, a high speed (not pressure !) flow, caused a better partial vacuum causing fuel to be drawn into the air stream.. speed assisted atomisation.

Work it out yerself lol !!.

higher speed could assist in flow if the ports were badly designd.. if however, the ports are optimised, then no venturi effect is gonna make any difference.

Bullsheet me says.. lol..