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Power Engineering RR Results

Just back from PE sooo....

HP IK (inc. twin scoops) and exhaust 122ATW 141lb/166ATFW

HP IK, exhaust and fuelling 140ATW 154lb/174ATFW

On the first run, I did see the ATW figure drop from 129 so even using that higher figure as a bench mark, the HP mods seem to work and are in line with my expectations.

But this still leaves the differences between the 172s a mystery......


that cant be true. why did the conversion fator change betweem the two ATW figures.

before it was 0.734

and after it was 0.804

looks like they played you!??

you should have over 190bhp if you have 140bhp ATW......

and i have gained only 15bhp from about 3weeks of developing. i have a viper kit (AFAIK the KP kit is not sealed and the scoops only work at speed), k-tec system and serial re-programming.

i dont think thats right........

I didnt actually see the ATW figure as I was kept out of the bay and had to look at the screen which only showed the FW figures.....

but yep, your right, although using the .734 conversion figure you get about 128ATW which is still a moderate increase. I mentioned the scoops for completeness.....didnt expect any significant difference on the rollers, on the road however..

Looking at the graphs - dont have a scanner :( - peak power is reached at 6306rpm as opposed to 6695rpm before. The interesting thing is that the power curve drops off alot more sharply than before.....CO (?) reading now at 3.5

I have a graph with all three runs overlayed - can I fax it to someone so it can be scanned?



i thought they would give you power ATW only!!! thats the only way to know!

so you only got a set of their conversion numbers!!!

they could have done anything to those numbers....

the conversion factor is 0.72 roughly which should eb used to get from ATW power to a rought ATFW figures.

so, 122 x 0.734 is the 166bhp @the fly

and if u use the same number for the 2nd run:

140 x 0.734 is 190bhp!!!!!

thats a huge gain!!!

i think they fiddled the numbers a doubt of a gain, but i think the read 2nd ATW figure should be 127bhp. so, a 5bhp gain...not that bad.....i have only got a 10bhp gain from EXTENSIVE testing, i have done about 15 runs and power is really affected by air temp.....

noooooooo nooooooooooo nooooooooooooooooooooooo..


there is NO conversion factor.. it doesnt exist ! - it is a simple guide only, nothing more

the rolling loss on the day is dependent on so many factors that you cannot quote a specific figure. the wheel power is the important one.

the gain is important as the same rollers are used. The only reason they quote flywheel figures is to make the figures apeear bigger.

Good result AK.


hence me saying ROUGHLY!

i knw that there is no definite conversion factor, but you have to give a fugure.


i think it was his phone number..... BLUNT....LOL

i think were gonna have a blast if we get this palmer motorsport experience day together!! haha!.....cant imagine the constant debates that are potentially possible....ill keep my mouth shut, the words will stop falling out that way! LOL!

yeah, have read Bakers site already.....very very enlightning.

i will check out he other one.

any actual books you recommend?

not really m8, most are outa date and were all we had a few years :(.

Now we have the glorious net, and the ability to swap ideas.. after a while, as you n I know, you know WHO and WHAT to trust, the rest is probably borderline bullsh*t.

The archive link I posted from the hotrod site is excellent, as always, we need to take the rough with the smooth though, if ya find any good uns.. let me know.

ps, when you back in the uk, we need to get rat assed and talk techy lol..


Well chaps,

I was going to get my car (with HP remap) done in nottingham last weekend but i thought it would be better to get it done at a place i have had a previous run at.

Soooo....on saturday at 12pm i am booked into John Noble to get a power run

I will then put it side-by-side with my previous JN run to get a view of the car

Just for the record, the john noble run i got in february i got 135bhp at the wheels with 145 lb ft of torque.

So i can also see what changes the hillpower kit has made.



Incidentally, I looked out my RR results from John Nobles which I had done when they moved into their new premises - after SuperChip I got 131bhp at the wheels with 145lb-ft torque... That was 10000 miles ago though, so things may be different now...

Doesnt seem too great a result if you ask me, but I suppose its in the right ball park! ;)

Ok chaps....results are in...

Having dug out my old run sheet from John Noble here are the facts:

19/01/02: Standard apart from 17" OZ Superturismo alloys and 14 deg C ambient temp. i got 122BHP @ wheels (i am totally disregarding flywheel figures as misleading)

21/09/02: HP induction + fuelling (no exhaust unlike ak_uk) and 17" OZ Superleggeras with ambient temp around 22 deg C: 133.5 @ Wheels

The noticeable gains on the graphs were around the 2500 - 3000rpm where there was a large increase on last time.

Still 1 or 2 lean points (3500 and 5500) which need to be considered by Nick

So when i send nick the 2 prints he is going to see what else can be done. Then i will run again and see how we do

But as far as i am concered i would consider this (like arjuns PE runs) to be the benchmark for the mods as at least we have both gone to the same place and got similar results on the standard cars.

But its the differences in each run that counts rather than the actual numbers.

Will keep you posted on further developments