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Power Steering Hose (inter changeable between years.?)

  Iceberg PH1 172
Does any know with firsthand experience, if any of the power steering hoses are interchangable between years or the lower spec model of ph1 Clio.?

The aluminum pipe section of one of my hoses has split and I'm seeking a direct replacement or a swappable part from else where. IE ph1 1.2/4/6 or even ph2 172s etc

I've read some where on here that cup hoses are different to ph1 172 hoses, whether that is length or direction or both I've no idea. Can any one shed light.?

@bloke @NorthloopCup
  dan's cast offs.
phase 1/2 are the same apart from the cup but the pipe can be persuaded to fit. where is yours leaking from?
  Iceberg PH1 172
Garage informs me its split on the alumimum section.

Not sure which hose it is. They not given me Much to go on.

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