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  1. asrob910

    172 Exclusive

    Here potentially for a slating but looking for some advice. I've been offered the chance of a 172 Exclusive, I know they aren't for everyone but I've been keeping my eyes open for something which can be driven but at the same time something which *MIGHT* be worth some money in the future. I've...
  2. mtph1pb_001


    Work car park things
  3. MaddRT

    Maddy's PB Ph1 172 Track Inspired Show Car & Weekend Toy

    Hi all, So I've made a post over @ 'New to forum' area with some background so check that out if you're interested in some context I started recording my project last year on Instagram under @m444drt which I plan to still update as I go down to convenience as I'm more of the millennial...
  4. MaddRT

    New Member Clio 172 Ph1 M444DRT, South Wales

    Hi all, I've been on numerous Renault OC's on Facebook for years with previously owning Twingos (GT & RS) so I thought it best to make an account & introduce myself here I've owned my project ph1 since 2017. Some details below: Registered Nov 2000 original reg X821 SNW Titanium Silver 150,000...
  5. blito2790

    Gearbox for 172 Ph1

    Hello everyone, will you help me get a good configuration for my gearbox, since I feel the fourth speed is very long, yesterday testing the car gets very slow in 4th to 6000 rpm goes to 135mph and is moving very slow, which Would you recommend changing, the final drive, or the gearbox? my car is...
  6. Donz144

    10 year absence! Enter Ph1 172!

    Hi folks! Well after just over 10 years of owning other metal I am just about back behind the wheel of a Clio again! Like lots of memories the ones we harbour for our early cars can often be recalled through rose tinted specs! I was 22 when I sold my ph1 1.2 MTV edition and jumped behind the...
  7. m&l172ph1

    Megane turbo and six speed conversion.

    So I have purchased a megane 225 engine, 6 speed box turbo etc from Mark, @getikte for my phase 1. Mark's been very helpfull with all my questions. My plan is to build a std looking car with good power, 6 speed box and some brembo's under the std oz f1's with the engine bay looking like it was...
  8. G Hut

    My Ph1 172....

    Hi all Newbie to site and loving all the info available so thought would share my 172 Ph1 progress after getting the car earlier this month 75k from new, registered Sep 2000 so 17 years old, with good history and seems all original apart from some yellow springs that seem to have lowered it...
  9. K

    Two different headlamps

    Hello guys. Quick question, Is it allowed by the law to have two different headlamps on each side? because I'd like to mix a bit of classic II ph1 look with some modern ricer tuning angel eyes, like the front is torn apart and one side is infected and i'm not sure if I can legally have it on...
  10. rupni

    Koni Eibach in London

    Hey, Next month I'm arriving London and I'm looking for parts to my Renault Clio RS 2 PH1. I'm looking for a specific Koni 8710-1395Sport (54 bolt pattern) and Koni 8010-1048Sport which I believe fit the vehicle. Also Springs of Eibach sport-line. Is there a store in London that holds these...
  11. Hazza462

    RB PH1 172 Rally Car Progress

    So two weeks ago me and my girlfriend (Alex) bought a ph1 172 car with a full weld in roll cage by Custom Cages. We wanted it as a project to do over the summer break whilst off University and our intention is to have it as a track only car and maybe compete in it one day . The pics below show...
  12. L

    Power Steering Hose (inter changeable between years.?)

    Does any know with firsthand experience, if any of the power steering hoses are interchangable between years or the lower spec model of ph1 Clio.? The aluminum pipe section of one of my hoses has split and I'm seeking a direct replacement or a swappable part from else where. IE ph1 1.2/4/6 or...
  13. partybish

    Matt's PH1 172 Restoration Project

    Hi all, I've been on Cliosport ever since owning a 172 Cup (project thread here). Sadly the Cup ended up needing a new head and it was going to cost a lot to repair so I sold it on and ever since I really missed Clio ownership. In July I decided to go on the hunt for another 172, but one that...
  14. C

    Timing tools help please.

    Some assistance required. Bought timing tool set off the bay to do cam let change on Ph1 172. Engine no rusted away and not on log book. Camshaft locking Tool doesn't fit and apparently according to seller kit fits F4R 730 and 732 but not F4R 736. On this basis I assume I have a F4R 736...
  15. Sidnancy

    Liquid Yellow 172 PH1

    Spotted a gorgeous PH1 172 in Liquid Yellow coming off the m27 going into Southampton, headed off Eastleigh Way. Had a private registration and the chap driving gave me a wave in my Iceberg 182.....If you see this or know who this is, let me know! I need a cruise buddy!
  16. Kevclio

    Another silver ph1

    Been a member about 12 weeks now but failed to make a post yet! Bought my ph1 around November time for some cheap track fun. It's pretty rough around the edges with a weeks mot left I got it very cheap, 99k on the clock with some history! MOT was done first, followed by belts and pulleys...
  17. C

    Mk2 Ph1 tail lights on a Mk2 ph2?

    Hi guys, I was going to get a Clio mk3 due to better safety but decided that the mk2 is my true clio love lol. :hearteyes: The mk3 is somehow more boring looking. Back in high school I fell in love with a purple-blue (nymphea) Clio mk2 ph1. I didn't like the ph2 triangle front lights and rear...
  18. robmuns

    Ph1 Turbo winter project

    Thought I'd better get round to putting a thread up seeing as i've owned the car for over 3 years now and this winter Ill be turbo charging it for my HND project at college. Got the car pretty much standard and slowly over time got it to a half decent spec: Engine: 197 cams matched inlets...
  19. Mash.

    Track phase 182

    hellloow.. So recent events have forced me to part with my 182 (which can be seen below) lots of money has been poured into it as you can all understand, and is currently up for sale. It recently underwent a bit of surgery due to a crunching 3rd gear and a dodgy starter motor, so I decided...
  20. K

    Kit's Ph1 172

    Thought about doing this since I joined the other week, but not really done much in that week on the car! But thought I would just say what the plans are. So the car has been owned since October 2012 as a replacement track day car for my step dad, brother and myself. This is it on the first...