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Power steering issue


ClioSport Club Member
  RS 200/RS 182
Hi all, I am quite new to the mechanical side of cars so wondering if someone could help me. I have searched for the answer to my problem but none of the previous posts have seemed to match my issue exactly.

I own a 2005 mk2 Clio (1.2 16v) which seems to have a power steering issue.
When steering it feels like the power steering cuts in/out which usually occurs in built up areas such as towns where the traffic is stop/start and is generally slow. As I turn I can hear a slight rumbling sound and the steering goes slightly heavy but not heavy enough as if there is no power steering. The rumbling sound happens even with slight steering. This continues even on faster roads and less built up areas once it has started to go funny. Everything seems to go back to normal when I turn the car off and leave it for a few hours. This issue isnt something that happens too often (everyday) but happens enough to know that there is a problem.

I wouldnt usually worry about an issue like this but hoping to sell it soon so dont want this to affect the price of the car when sold.

Many thanks!