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Power Sub + Alarm Problem


Im sorry if this post is in the wrong forum! I have a amp and sub built in one. I also have a falcon alarm system fitted in the car. the problem I am having at the moment is when the sub kicks the bass lines out the alarm siren starts crackling! There is one power cable from the amkp to the battery and one from the alarm to the battery! I have spoken to diffrent people and some are thinking the same as me, a power cap? Is it worth getting one will it do the job and not make that noise? I dont really want to spend out for one if its not going to fix the problem?

Ill be very greatful for any advice anyone can give.

Dan Aka Kasper1287
  Polo + Micra

from the sounds of it a power cap aint going to help in the slightest.

is the power wires for the alarm tight where they are connected?