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Prima V K-tec

Ok then, i am looking to get a spoiler and the one off the ktec osmose kit is the one i want but its £140+vat. Then i found out about one prima do (as Daz has on his car) which is only £75 inc Vat & Delivery.

Either would be perfect for me i recon so i want to get the one from Prima because of the price difference.

BUT, are they any good as there are many stories about them being poor quality products. K-tec have a good reputation but is that really worth paying twice the price??

Any opinions or experiences on either company and products welcome.

Cheers Phil

I think my brother got a bumper from there and the quality was awful.

Youll just end up spending the money youve saved with a bodyshop to get it looking right.

Like you say, KTR have a good rep, Ive never heard a bad word about them.

yes i had a spoiler from prima on my clio the bodyshop took ages to spray it the paint just bubbled all the time they had it for about a month trying to spray it they wre putting all colours on till it stopped bubbling go with k-tec i just got the utopia spoiler from k-tec it was fine.