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Print outs from the Bury RR’s mine...

136bhp. Would have been happy with this if it werent for Paddy ruining my fun. B@stard">


the 98 BHP in your profileis that at the wheels? thats very very good if so for an RT, whats the spec these days?

i mean 93, same comment goes though,

also have you got any pics of youyr car with the re-furbed alloys on?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

oh, engine mods

Hill Power Stage One Chip
Hill Power Induction Kit
Hill Power De-Cat
Peco Stainless Back Box
Peco Stainless Straight Through Centre Section
Magnecor KV85 Ignition Leads

if this 0.8 figure is right,im runnin 171.25 at the fly to be precise with only zorst and panel filter,think this equation needs confirmin,sorry to upset people hopin for higher figures,im happy )

NO !!!!!

the 0.8 figure is NOT accurate, it is a simple guide.

there are so many variables to rolling resistance that you cannot use a set figure. The only figure that matters is the one at the wheels.. dont get carried away with inflated or guesstimate figures.

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Yeah, very nice score Brun.

Almost at 1.4 16V levels.

Now I just need to find the cash to do my car properly
  Skoda Fabia vRS

ah right, cheers Joe, wouldnt every car have a different loss too ?

(im keepin my 93bhp est in my profile hehe)

Quote: Originally posted by desmondo on 18 September 2002


I dont think you can directly link to geocities images, better to put a link to it instead, or I can host it for you if you like.

Am I reading the torque figures of these right? Desmondo has about 130lb/ft, Rhys about 126lb/ft and MarkB 124lb/ft... Surely that aint right? I thought the 172 should have quite a bit more than that?

Sorry if Im being a bit of a :p and not reading the graphs right!