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8 Days, 1955 Miles, Scotland Bike Trip (V.Pic Heavy)


ClioSport Moderator
Brilliant write up that. It makes me want another bike.

I laughed at throwing yourself off, I know the feeling of being in weather so bad you genuinely think you are going to die on the bike.

Me and my mate did a great trip a few years ago (me on a Triumph Street Triple and him a GSXR 600) to mid wales. Only about 450 miles over the weekend but we had ten pints of Estrella on the Saturday night and wasn’t well enough to ride home until about 16:00 on the Sunday which took the edge off the return leg...
Ha! Thanks mate. I know the feeling on the booze, when we rode to Austria, a few of us were supposed to head up the eagles nest one morning. A lot of jaeger the night before, we literally had a few blokes having to pull over and get their lid off to vomit because of the windy ass road.


ClioSport Club Member
Fantastic post. My Mrs comes from Fife and keeps banging on about all the road trips in the family Cortina as a kid!
Coming from Bournemouth the drive up in the Clio would be horrendous.
If anyone has a chinook with a car sling to drop us somewhere around Glasgow!...