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Problem - unsure

  172 cup
what it is:S

The stop light on my dash has come on along with the same light that appears when your handbreak is on. Mums fella reckons its the brakes but I aint so sure

Does anyone know?
  M4 LCI, A3, ZX10R
Brake fluid level is low.

Check the wear of pads and discs first, as this is usually the cause.
  Jag Mondeo -Type
Yep, I would definately check the brake fluid. I had this on an old pug 306 many moons ago. Thought it was liekly to be a sensor or soemthing and ignored it, 30 minutes later - NO brakes!! (a brake line had split and every time i pressed the brakes it squirted a bit more fluid out)
Get the discs and pads checked first. All well and good people saying check and top up the fluid but it's not alot of use topping that up if your pads are down to the back plates and the discs are wafer thin.
  172 cup
Thanks for the advise guys, topped up the brake fluid last night and warning light has now disapeared :approve: