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problem with electrics on mk1 16v


I am a new member to this forum

i have a clio 16v j plate i currently live in edinburgh

i seem to have a problem with the electrics in my car ie . when i put the light on main beam the wipers will switch on or if i use indicators on wipers will come on . could this be an earthing problem ? can any body help . also any body know a good garage i can trust with my clio in edinburgh .

many thanks



no idea....sound really odd.

But jsut to forewarn you, new stalks are around 70 quid each!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Sounds like a dodgy earth. I used to own a jeep with similar problems, somehow they all resolved themselves the morning i sold it. lucky

yep all fuses are ok

this a very strange problem i have asked main renualt dealer he didnt have a clue.

i will get it checked by a sparky

my fezzy, when the lights turned on the indicators and etc etc, i had to swap the switch gear. ....