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Problem with Nova driver

  VW Transporter 174

Did someone mention my name

the good thing about this is when the sh*t hits the fan you can all blame me!

172 slayer

do have an alert or something!
slayer, we know your here for a laugh...
can i know what car you got, since im expressing a mild form of respect towards you?
you can email it to me....
and if i tell, you never need showup again...but i enjoy your weird i wont be telling...

aw go on!

My Spanish speaking wife told me that Nova in Spanish means No Go lol.... not popular in America because of that apparently....
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

hehe your wife is right mate. Thats why they called the Nova a Corsa in Spanish speaking countries...

Not sure why they called the Cavalier a Vectra though?!?!? Probably means utter toss or something!

My 1.6 GTE lump powered my car up Santa Pods strip in 15.1 seconds, and if I hadnt had bald tyres and spun up in 1st and 2nd it would definately have gone into the 14s.

I think the quickest 1.6 litre Nova has done the 1/4 mile in 14.79secs, and the quickest Nova I know of is a sprint car with a 1400cc engine and does 0-60 in 4.5 seconds (timed in competition).

It just so happens that the Nova site Roybacer is about the worst example of Nova enthusiasts. It is even riddiculed in the Nova world, and its people like these that give us Nova enthusiasts a bad name.
  TT 225

Hmmmm, I never critisised the Nova on that thread tho, just the driver Ged.

Quite a few of my friends have tuned Novas, and thay are wickidly fast cars (2L valvers with throttle bodies etc)

But this bloke is running a standard 1.6 GTE (with induction kit) so I know for a fact it is standard.

Just bloody irritated me. Grrrr
  BMW 320d Sport

Well theres so much of that thread spread across two different forums I cant keep up with it! I registered on MIGWEB I think its called, a Vauxhall forum, and Im in the middle of a pretty intelligent 1/4 miling thread at the moment!
  TT 225

Yea, Mig is quite cool, supprisingly people actually know their sh!t on there

B/F runs 2 Vauxhalls hence me venturing onto the Vauxhall sites

Tell me about it Ben, Im in Pompey and every Friday/Saturday the place is swamped by the bl**dy things.

I really really F**CKING HATE NOVAS!!!!!

Get loads of standard 1.3 and 1.4 SR/SRis wanting to race, waste em all, even when Im carrying 3 mates. GTEs bit harder when your wieghed down, one my own their pish. But the few 2ltr 16v ones are rapid in a striaght line, first corner you get to there S**T!!

Never get any good cars in Pompey, theres another valver around but the driver is part of the Nova crew, and therefore his valver looks s**t, Max Power stickers etc and theres a Willy, but thats driven by an older guy.

Cheers, Simon

Cheers, Simon

Get the Nova people to read the article in the front page on here about the Williams - the five pager with full details of the 16v and Williams rally pedigree with Ragnotti (spelling?) and how its a full-on properly developed homologation special. Which, surprisingly, the Nova is NOT!!!!

Yeah, basically you could tune a Nova to rip seven kinds of s**** from a Williams/16v/172. But who do you think would win when the boy with a tuned Williams rocks up? My mate with his 250bhp Williams would be happy to oblige Im sure!!

Moreover, what do you think will happen when it gets to driving in the real world?? E.g torque curves, hadling, cornering ability, flexibility, safety, predictability??

And was any Nova ever developed from Group A rallying??

No! NO! and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

I had a nova to day not a problem nor was the puma but the subaru was a bit of a stugle to keep up with while i was four up !!

one of the tuned novas ran 14.3 against me today at york, but Ill be back when I have my turbo to show them what a modified 172 can do