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Problem with power.

I dont know if anyone will know whats the problem but i thought itd be worth asking.

Ive recently noticed that my clio seems to be a bit slow on the up-take. Like at traffic lights, i put my foot down and it feels as tho something is holding it back (i take my foot off the clutch so its not that). Its sometimes does the same in 2nd and 3rd.

I then put my foot down more and the power then kicks in.

Its a 1.4i and its usually good on up-take, but just recently its feeling slugish. I know what its capable of as ive had it at its top speed but its not feeling so capable right now.

Anyone got any ideas??


Just realised that ive put this in the wrong section, but youll have to forgive me cos i nearly had some idiot crash into the drivers side of my car this afternoon.

I could see him heading straight for me, luckly he clipped my wing mirror instead. I put my head out the window in amazement and shouted some un-kind words at him, he didnt stop.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Hi. You should have held down your horn and whacked it into reverse. Thats what i did when it happened to me and they stopped! and paid for it etc. Maybe its time for a service or is your fuel level low? sometimes crap can get into the injectors (or am i talking rubbish?) as this happened to my old scirocco, but that was on a carb. Perhaps some injector cleaner is required? or keep the fuel tank filled? try some optimax as thats supposed to clean your engine. I would say take it for a thrash, but im sure its not starved of that.....

Its anytime in the day, but the last time it happened was in the afternoon and id been driving it in the morning. Ill c if theres anything that needs a clean out as ive not really looked at the engine since i bought it.