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Problems 1.2 16v

My engine is knackered after 8500 miles.... LAst night it become really really loud knocking tappet noise... I know they are not quiet but now its stupidly noisy.... With that and the yellow gunk by the filler cap, have I killed it already?
  Lionel Richie

Theres a large square black metal cover at the back of the engine, these have a habit of falling off and wedging themselves between the engine and the bulkhead, this causes the downpipe to blow, it makes a right nose!!!! Also you get stupidly loud knocking noises when you change gear!!!

I very much doubt youve shagged the engine, cos i give mine serious abuse and ive never had any engine trouble in 27600miles

no this is tapping from the top of engine... reminds me of an xr2 after changing the hydrolic tappets and forgetting to soak them in oil



my gunk has gone completly sounds like you got no oil mate

i had it serviced and took it for a 500 mile blast

runs sweet now

must fix that engine mount..........................