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Product Websites

  BMW M135i
Would it be possible for a list of websites for detailling products as there always seems to be loads and i can never remember them all.

come on rich ;)

mods - maybe could be made a sticky :)
  Cooper S JCW
Use your discount code at cleanyourcar if you are a club member - Tim (the site owner) is a good lad and stocks the best value foam applicator pads!
  Type R
iirc 'cliosport' will get you free postage at carwashnwax :D

at clean your car you will get 5% off with 'cliosport'
  106 GTi
As some of the companys don't support or give CS discount not sure if it will happen.

Those that do should should have a sticky like the Carwash 'n' wax one though IMO.
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  Mito Sportiva 135
It is a good idea anyway even without discounts as a reference tools. Plus it doesn't make us look like complete losers having loads of detailing sites saved on our favourites!;)
  BMW M135i
i would be 2 scared to open it.

they say you get free refils for life, well you could just put it in another tub sell it and get them refilled ;)
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  106 GTi
It is not as easy as thast so it seems, there has been a fair bit of discussion about that and the Zymol Vintage refills over on Detailing World.

The big pain is you also have to ship the pot back to be refilled in the US every time.
  BMW M135i
yeah lol it would probably take 3months for them to ship it back.
Well dont worry i aint going to buy it


ClioSport Club Member
  182... again!
Recommended....Elite Car Care

I ordered Klasse AIO on Thursday at 11pm which arrived on Saturday morning! Very impressed with the speed, value for money and service!

Got 5% discount too...cliosport!
  Bumder With A Buffer
You don't it's out of date. Get loyalty points instead. I have said numerous times though :)

Another site to use...

Chris (owner of site) is a sound guy. 4.95 next day delivery and a free bag of haribo :)