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protection for clio door locks

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hi renault sport people

iam picking my clio 172 mk1 up on saturday and i cant wait

realy looking forward to. but i have one concern, the door locks from what i can remmember are not very strong after having worked for renault for 5yrs in the bodyshop department. does anybody know of a secure upgrade for them. a while back i had a 206 gti which had the same type door locks as a clio. now the peugeot boys had a gizmo you could buy which would block off the door lock all together and you would rely on the central locking

seems like a good idea,

can antbody let me know about any things i should look for when checking the clio172 before i bring it home on saturday

cheers monkeyboy

Cheaper option is a kit available from most style/tuning shops i.e. smart car etc, so you take the lock barrel out and you get a blanking metal plate that sits flush where the key hole used to be.

Still looks like a lock but there isnt really one there, save painting the whole door.

None of the above should be necessary as the car will not start without the key. These modern security systems are very good. U cant stop broken glass etc. But then neither will delocks for a 172. It has an excellent system that will not allow any intrusion without brute force. Forcing any of the locks will not allow any starts. (unless they are severely proffesional thiefs, who use laptops to get into security systems)

Point is why would they for your car( This is no insult as I have had MK! & 2 172s)

There is absolutely no reason to delock the car,as even if U do the same electronics will stop the car starting. If U are protecting ICE then there is no diff. as they can still smash glass.

No car can allow for that. Why do you think so many cars are stolen because the keys are taken from an easy position inside the house. NO hotwiring here.

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