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PS2 install

Some of you have got a ps2/xbox install in your cars, and Im tempted to get a ps2 install in mine. Thin Im wondering is what do you use as your monitor/screen? Does it really matter what you get?

Only thing with the one youre looking at is its quite large, you can get ones with a smaller surround for about the same.
  white 197 CUP

fuk that m8 get the new ps2 slim line, that way u use les space and i can be put just about any where then purchase a seperate in car quality screen and mount it where ever u like inverter etc, sorted, wud hily recomend the slim line!
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someone selling one on here for 100notes with a load of recent games. Good deal if you ask me.
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if your gonna get a ps2 as well then if u can afford it get a indash folding screen

but ur talkin probs £600 for a indash screen with no dvd player

only problem with the slimline one is the flip up tray actually may take up more space than the old one cos of space having to be left for getting discs in

and yes get a slide out in dash screen, lots more money but well worth it.
pioneer or alpine are generally agreed to be the best