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PSN Members!!

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Just got a message of buildandy, it's saying send this message and pass it on to get $50 spending money on the PSN store, so that PSN can see how many members are still active.

Sounds abit dodgy to me, what do you think and any of you got it?
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Apparently if you send "Griff rox0r5" to all your PSN contacts you get £50,000 and a date with Lusty.

Seriously though mate just ignore it. It's b****cks.
Always get these on the PSN lol, actually replied to one with a firm, polite and factual reply of why he was wrong, we exchanged a few convos and then added each other as friends lol :eek:

But yeah its bullshit!

Spam on the PSN FTL!


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i started this chain message.

brb, just forwarding on an email through outlook as Bill GAtes is going ot pay me tens of thousands of pounds for doing it as part of research.
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PS3's are s**t tbh so wouldn't surprise me if they did need people to manually send a message on to find out how many members are active.

Xbox Live FTW. :quiet:


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