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PTFE gaskets


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Alrite guys, basically looking at getting my inlets matched very shortly and was going to upgrade to ptfe gaskets,

First question: Is there a gasket between lower inlet and the head and do ptfe make one?

Second : Do ptfe do a gasket to go between lower and upper inlets?

third: cheapest place to buy ptfe gaskets

Thanks in advance guys :) also if anybody wants to list a few of the advantages of having ptfe's over standards, im guessing its to do with temperature's etc


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scrap the first two questions Ive found the answers on k-tec, anybody know anywhere else that sells them possibly cheaper?
I got a set from ebay for my 172. worst ever. Made by stevie wonder with sheep shears. sent them back and spent ages getting my money back. It's not all about value mate, buy from Ktec.


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talk to paddy16v he does some for the mk1 and said something about maybe doing more for different engines
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16v_paddy ones come from me - if you need any PM me mate.

My sets are lazer cut, we have sold probably hundreds of gaskets on here.

The set includes a plenum gasket, a manifold gasket, plus x2 washers for the spporting bolts at the back. Price is £40 including postage.
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Sorry mate - to list the advantages:

1) Lower inlet temps - mainly at low rpm/tickover when the air is flowing through at its lowest, but there will be a slight decrease in temps all over the range just less noticable higher up

2) Re-useable

3) Not effected by high vibration / oil / fuel, etc. so wont deteriorate over time like the standard items could.

K-Tec Racing

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We tested some throttle bodies last week

with the PTFE gasket in place after a normal road drive the inlet run was stone cold, normally this would be quite warm

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Interesting i didnt think they would be any point on ITB's, but after you've said that i might invest in one for the engine im building now.
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With ITBs you can run a much thicker gasket too.

People usually go for a 3mm inlet manifold gasket from me, but have been known to go as thick as 5mm!
Read about these on here and about Honda's responding well to them or something.. but surely theres no way air would get a chance to heat up through a inlet or TB when a car is in forward motion? :S - its only when idling or in slow traffic that a engines hot to the touch :S
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It will make a difference, especially with the thicker gaskets, but yes it makes most difference at idle or low rpm because the air is going through slower.

The Hondata inlet gasket is a common modification on CTRs etc - but they want top money for what is essentially the exact same product.

Of course you are also considering the durability and reuseability of these. They also seal well.