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Pure motorsport engine mounts


ClioSport Club Member
Does anyone have PMS engine/gearbox mounts on a 182.
They say it is a complete set: engine suspended mount, gearbox suspended mount and gearbox lower rear mount/dogbone.
However there doesn't appear to be a replacement for this mount on the lower front of the gearbox, photo taken from nearside wheelarch.
Am I missing a mount, do I leave this old one in??
clio 182 lower front gearbox mount.jpg

Many thanks


ClioSport Club Member
  Ph1 172&Ph2 172 Cup
Dont think anyone seems to do a mount for that one. Maybe the other 3 take most of the load and that one just absorbs some of the movement? If going solid mounts there will be minimal movement anyway

Sonic Boom

ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 Sport Ph1
That doesn't get replaced as part of the PMS kit but it doesn't do a great deal anyway you can pop a £20 spurious one in there no bother.



ClioSport Club Member
That lower subframe mount on mine looked proper past it, I fitted all new mounts to the other 3 and ordered a brand new replacement for that mount and it made no difference so I wouldn't worry about it


ClioSport Club Member
Many thanks for the replies, PMS confirmed that it doesn't do much and you could even leave it out.
I put the old one back in, this was during gearbox out for a clutch change, and now it's got to come out again as the clutch has gone again.
Not a fun job!