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Putting in a sub: removing the brake fluid resevoir

  Megane R26 F1 #1931
Hi everyone.

Just installing my sub into my 182 and it seems that to get the wire into the engine, the brake fluid resevoir is in the way! anyone know how to remove it or an easier way to get into the engine from the inside of the car?

  Astra Twintop
On my 1.6, i drilled a hole halfway down the back of the car (bulkhead?) and fed the cable through into the passenger footwell
Bonnet release cable grommet and you'll have loads of room.

Exactly. Used the same with my car, no need to drill holes. Plenty of room if you're using 8 gauge wire.

Might be a problem if you've got 4 gauge or larger
  Black Sheep
Alright it is not for brake fluid its power steering mate. It is easier to get out than it looks ther is a little clip you simply pull towards the resivoir then pull the whole unit upwards. Happy drilling!!!