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right i have a problem i want a computer for htpc duty i realy fancy a mac mini yay great woohoo :D but !! they cost a fair bit 529 for the duo 2 gig ram £160 larger hard disk 500gig £219 keyboard and mouse another £70 ish maybe
so total is best part of a grand but it does look great and its small and very quiet but damn it costs alot and isnt that fast due to the shite inbuilt graphics !!!

other option is a pc but what spec and what case as well as other components humpf you see im stumped for 1k you could build a fantastic pc that would piss on the mac but you couldnt use mac os on it :(

help meeeeee
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
whats a htpc bud? hdcp? i'm confused

As for what you're saying - if you didn't like using Windows Media Centre - use Linux instead?
home theater pc

cant use linux as it will be in the living room and the gf will be using it so needs to be windows. i quite like windows mce but its not quite mac os :)

but i could actually play games on windows unlike mac os
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
Yes but I think it depends what you want. I'd get a cheap PS2 and build a HTPC in that case running MCE personally.


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Or if you already have a half decent PC you could buy an XBox 360 and use it as a Media Center Extender.