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Question about Clio 172 steering

I'm looking to buy a car and I've recently driven a 2002 clio (172 I think or clio 2).
I was just wondering if the steering being light is by default or if it's a problem with the car I drove.
The only other car I've tried was a Peugeot 206 and the steering was a little bit more stiff, which I prefer, than the clio.


ClioSport Club Member
It depends what your used to, compared to modern stuff with super fast electric PAS, the steering feels heavy, compared to older stuff it will feel lighter!


ClioSport Club Member
Poor alignment/tracking can also make steering feel very light about center. I find the steering in the 182 (which should be the same as the 172?) to be on the heavy side compared to other cars of that era and newer.

Beauvais Motorsport

ClioSport Club Member
If its fitted with the older style wishbones that had decreased caster then yes it will be lighter than a 182 or 172 cup, due to the decreased mechanical trail and self aligning torque thats linked to the caster. I would expect those older clios to have worse outside tyre wear as well.

Beauvais Motorsport

ClioSport Club Member
There are differences with the racks as well. There is a channel on the left one but not the right. How much a channel like this would change the steering feel Im not sure, there could be differences with the valve design but minute changes arnt possible to see. Although I doubt they would go to the lengths of changing something like that.

They have different numbered dots, 3 and 2, some have 1 or no dots. But that could mean nothing, just like the rack shafts have different letters engraved on the end, I had 4 1*2 shafts lined up but all different lettering.