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Question about my Clio..

  Renault Clio
Hey, Im new here, and find the site great.

I currently own a Renault Clio Campus Sport 1.2 16v but can't understand how the 'back panel' of my car does not resemble that of the other campus cars on the site...why is this?

Also I'd like to know how much these type of alloys go for and whether it is a credable purchase for a 1.2 haha...

Thank you in advance :D

pot ltd Che

ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Welcome. :D

Those wheels are a straight fit and you can pick them up secondhand on here for about £300. You will need to be a full member before you can access the marketplace though.

You're campus will either have the number plate on the tailgate or the bumper, depending on age. (Later ones on the bumper and vice versa)

All the best.
  Renault Clio
Mines a 06 reg. So whats the exact model lingo for mine? MKawezoom?

By full member you mean pay the £10 fee? Thatl be done in bout an hour lol..
  Renault Clio
Those rims are a must at the minute, they are perfect, I mean the standard fit alloys are smart. But they are the s**t