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question about spark plugs

  Clio 1.8 16v

i am just going to buy some spark plugs and i am going to spend about £60 on em so which are the best and how much and what do you guys AND girlz use?
  172 sport,

damn thats expensive glad i dont have to replace mine for 72000 miles surely you have missprinted the cost

£60 on spark plugs tske a running jump.

ive got bosch super 4s and they cost me less than £19.99 from halfords (i work there).

I think the Clio 172 ones are so expensive because they last so long. You have to remove part of the inlet manifold to install spark plugs on the 172

  Williams 2, STi N12

Yeah 60 notes is ridiculous unless you are going for some ceramic ones which last a lifetime!!

I got some NGK jobbies £25..job done.

dont bother.

spark plug grade and type will influece the result, but not make power!
you cannot get more power by changine plug, but you can loose power by using the wrong plug.

multi electrode plugs do nothing but increase service life....NOTHING ELSE!

precious metal plugs offer increases efficiency because they can be thinner and the gaps larger. this can reduce mis fires and reduce cold/fouled plugs startup and rich mixtures.and increased service life

you cant imporve cylinder burning with a diff plug.

ngk are probably the best ones from halfords. dont bother with bosch supers....i have had betteer experiences from NGK.

ceramic? there all ceramic around the electrode.

bosch super 4s myself. seem smoother than the ngk at idle. Thou the ngks had got a little mileage on them.
  Williams 2, STi N12

Nah I meant a complete ceramic tip, i remember a development sometime ago now where they had a plug that lasted a lifetime..not sure on the exact details or whether they are still available but definatley saw it either on Tomorrows World or Beyond 2000.

Anyway doesnt really matter.
  Clio 1.8 16v

i was goin to spend £60 because my mate spent that on his 5gt i gues its between bosch super 4s and NGK then still not sure which 1s to get though

as i are poopy.
single electroe Ngk are great...if you want, get the preciouse metal ones.

i found the ngks ran better with my N20 ran too hot.
  Williams 2, STi N12

Sure your mate didnt buy an engine and get the spark plugs for free!!

Stick with the NGKs. Japs got to be better than German!!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

does anyone know WHICH NGK plug the Clio Cup cars use, and the 172s etc

i dont mean the exact code, though it might help

i mean which type, like simply copper core, iridium.......etc etc

ive ran Champion EON and Bosch Super 4 in my Clio, didnt really notice much diff in either, there both supposed to last 36k but i like to keep em fresh an change em every 10k