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Questions on Clio 16v.....

A few questions before i purchase my valver: -

How good is the standard alarm?

Why do some 16vs have leather and some not - was it an option?

When did the five spokes replace the phase1 wheels (because i would rather get one with the older type)

If i buy a later model with an air bag can i get it removed or do i have to live with a bulky steering wheel?


leather was an option, as was ABS, driversside airbag and.......cant remember.

The phases changed between K and L reg, but you can always get phase 1 wheels put on, the phase two has nicer rear lights+strip, rounder door strips, nicer grill IMO
  clio 20v

the standard alarm is ok the immobiliser is too cat 2 standard

leather was a 770 quid option as i found out today, 96 cars had airbags and yes u can change it

like clean 16v said ph2 was after 94 with the ph2 wheels differant mirrors, rear lights and rubbing strips
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Phase 1 looks meaner IMO mainly due to the mirrors. Although I prefer the rear lights from the phase 2. If you get a phase 2 i have some nice phase 1 wheels if you fancy a swap.

Dont be put off by the turbine wheels of the Phase 1 if the lacquer has started to lift off. I had mine refurbished without reaplying lacquer for a polished metal finish, takes a bit of upkeep but definately worth the hassle for end results. Phase 2 rims have a habit of having their metal centre plates nicked I think phase 2 owners will admit. Around £20 from Renault for replacement, and theyre plastic now.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Yes I had 2 nicked on my last Clio. mailto:B@rstools">B@rstools. Im sure the same set went around every clio/19 16v in the area!

ill probably sell my phase 1 wheels in the near future, theyre gold, but if youre going to refurb them it doesnt matter, theyre in good nick, and i think i might sell all five. ps - I prefer the phase 2 rear lights and grill.

Good stuff sounds like therell be some phase 1 rims available

im looking to get a phase 2 becuase there are more around for the kind of money im gonna spend £3-4k:)

im gonna go and look at some pics now to try and spot the difference...


Ive got a phase 1 for sale but it is mainly phase 2 now and ill stick some phase 1 turbines on if you want.