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Quick Clio 16v question

My 16v is hesitating a little on start up occasionally - but these occasions seem to be getting more regular!! I reckon its the starter motor on its way out, as you can hear it having difficulty turning over on the first few turns.

So how much is it to have a starter motor fitted (including parts)? Or is there a magic thing I can do to cure my starter motors terminal illness??


hiya mate, just checked bb perfomance tuning webpage for ya and theyve got two starter motors available - 1) standard replacement £149 incl.fitting or 2)High output starter motor £159 incl.fitting.

hope that helps mate


Try cleaning the wires up a bit first. Take the wires off the starter motor rub them with some sand paper and put them back.

Cheers guys. Ive just looked at the Haynes Spiritual Guidance Text and the news is not good. I have to basically take the car to pieces and put it back together. Bum!:sick:

I dont usually go to garages with set menu pricing (e.g. AA etc), as theyre usually a bit more expensive and dont have much expertise. But in some cases, like this, they have to obey their pricing even though they have to take the engine out of the car or something!!! I guess when they design these price menus, they assume people with small engines in big engine bays will be the main customers - I must be their worst nightmare!!

Naples red and leather on your 16v? Man - Id be in heaven (if, of course, it werent for pearlescent black and leather!). Try some black/anthracite wheels mate.

Champions indeed Glynn/Glenn (How do you spell it? Im a Welsh speaker, so to my eyes it should be Glyn!).

Lofty mate, numbers would be fantastic. BTW, will you have spare 16v starter motor and alternator when the Willy engine conversion is finished?? Could be interested!