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Quick K-tec stealth question

Read on here that the K-tec stealth exhaust is a Janspeed exhaust - can anyone confirm that is correct?

So I can just buy one direct from Janspeed or Demon Tweeks and it'll be the same thing (and cheaper hopefully!)



  BMW M3 & Williams 3
I havent a clue, but my advice is to stay clear of Ktec and buy from a decent company with good customer service.
Mine too, i wouldn't say their exhausts are the best, but they don't cost thousands of pounds either. Never had a prob with their customer service.


  V6, Trackhawk, GTS
It is 100% a Tiger.

Janspeed never made any of the stealths.

K-tec source there pipes and boxes from a number of difference places.
Ok thanks for the response. It always best to double check any info you get off here I find!

Might just tootle down to K-tec then as they're not far away, unless I can get the parts cheaper elsewhere
Yeah that is an option but I'm fairly confident the K-tec stealth will give me what I want: stainless steel/better quality than OE and improved flow, without being much louder. Little bit uneasy that going to Powerflow may end up too loud.

Just been on Demon Tweeks. Can't see any Tiger stealth exhausts, or Janspeed for that matter - sure there was last time I looked - maybe I'm confused!
That was going to be my next question! How do you claim it?

Just had a look at the discounts section and it seems to be being updated at the moment. Theres only about 10 or 15 companies listed at the moment, K-tec ain't one of them I think