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Okay my car is up on stands at the moment with no front wheels or suspension.

I am fitting new kit, dampers from gmax and springs from spax.

The problem is Ive gone to put the spax springs on the new dampers and they are too wide at the top for the top plate that goes on from the old dampers.

There is no way it will go on and I rang Spax and they said it is the right part for my car so there is nothing they can do.

What I am wondering is this. The springs would fit fine the otherway round (ie upside down) this would mean that the tight coils were at the bottom of the spring and the wide coils were at the top.

Is this the wrong way to mount them and what would be the effects of doing so?


Think k-tec have spax springs so they might no a bit about it, try phoning them and pretend youve bought them off them.

  Clio 197

It really shouldnt matter if a spring is in upside down as long as it fits the cups perfectly at both ends.
  Lionel Richie

Ben, your in Solihull???? I can come round and have a look if you want??????

07769712624 is my mobile number