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Quick Turinis question....


ClioSport Club Member
Hi guys, sure its been covered before but can anyone offer me their wisdom?

Looking at some clio 172 cup turinis for sale, I know these have a different offset, but will they fit ok on my 182 with cup packs, and with my 205 tyres on them?

The cup ones have 195's on ATM...

Dont want to buy some which wont fit right? :dapprove:

Cheers guys...
  Inferno 182 FF
i Have 172 cup turini's on my 182, no problems at all, i am lowered on sportlines, i am getting gaz coilovers fitted today, so we shall see how low i can go lol! Search for "inferno orange detailed" thats my car, i think it gives it a better stance with wider track.