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R19 Seats --> Clio


if it is the same set up as 16v (pre98) ithink it should be ok, the back will needed to be cut. There should be a thread on this in interior, ice and security on how to fit leathers from a 19 16V

Hope this helps

I did it for a practice go really, while i wait for some leather. I got a full set with the red and blue stripes on for twenty five quid. There are a lot better than the RT seats.

The best advice is take your time with the backs and it will fit eventually.

Ive got to say hat leather looks mint, i just have to be patient and wait for mine. Has anyone ever heard of fitting renault 21 leather ?? I know that you will need to change the frames but will the rear cussions be too big ??
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

Just fitted a full set of black leather into my clio last week uuummmm leather brb .... lol.