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R27 #177


ClioSport Admin
After owning the RedRep for 2 years I found I could get insured on a 197 for £500 more than I was paying on the 1.4, so I started doing research and looking around.

I decided I wanted an R27 as they introduced the cup chassis to the 197, and came standard with Recaros, which were a must for me after sitting in a demo 200.

After speaking to rbrocky on here, I found the desirable options were Climate control and Xenons with cornering lights.

Another must for me was to have either a cup spoiler or no spoiler, so a cup one could eventually be fitted :approve:

I found one in Leeds, so I stopped by on the way to Wigan from Sunderland to have a look. Had a test drive and loved it. Ended up leaving a deposit :eek:

The dealer let me go back to Sunderland and strip the RedRep down before trading it in. So it went from






The spec was

1.4 16v dynamique
Raceland/Rokkor Coilovers
Anthracite Cup turinis
Cup spoiler from AndyRGs old capsicum turbo ph1
172 rear bumper
1*2 front bumper persuaded to fit non sport wings.

It was an awesome first car. It felt so weird on standard suspension after having the coilovers for the best part of two years.

On the day I went to pick up the R27 I saw a LY R27 in Sunderland, and another one on the motorway on my way home. Typical.

First pics




Spec is:-

Full r27 graphics
  • Xenons with cornering lights
  • Climate control
  • Auto lights and wipers
  • Renaultsport front splitter (no idea why it doesn't have the skirts)
  • Heated folding wing mirrors
  • Suspected KTR pro performance exhaust (still need to remove the diffuser to confirm this)
The RS splitter was very marmite, at first I was going to have it off and sell it on, but its really grown on me and now I fancy the RS skirts to go with it.

Plans are:-
  • Fit steering wheel trim
  • Colour code interior trim LY
  • Cup spoiler
  • H&R 30mm springs
  • H&R 25mm spacers
  • 'Recaro R27 #177' decal on the passanger Recaro
Mods I want but I'm not in a rush to fit:-
  • RS Skirts
  • Speedlines in anthracite to match the Decals
  • 200/Gloss black diffuser
Since it was due its belts, I got the dealer to change them before I picked the car up. But they wouldn't have the parts in till the next week. So I got them to agree to pay Paul at RStuning to change them. I'd much rather him tinker with it than the dealers anyway.

A week after I bought it, my work contract ended in Rolls Royce so I was moved to the companies work shop in Hawarden/Chester.

I moved to Wigan and commuted ~90 miles per day until my gf finished uni and we looked for a house closer to work. I put more miles on it in a few month than I was happy with :(

The cup chassis was more than bearable on the motorway and it was returning 36-40mpg on my commute. :)

For the first couple of months I owned it, nothing really happened, hence the late project thread. I just kept it very clean :)






Spotted a LY 200 in Wigan, found the guy on and went for a drive, hes now M8TT on here :)



I ended up getting sick of having to faff around with the CD player when there was nothing on the radio so bought and fitted this


Met up with Rob (RDH) before he sold his 182, he loaned me some Autosol to clean my black exhaust tips



clean tips :)

Typing this up, I've realised this things been driven more than anything

Been into wales a few times with the Chester lot

Me and Joe (xXHardingXx)



I've been to loads of Ashs meets

epic BBQ

At one of the meets, Christopher pointed out one of my number plate lights was out, upgrade time:
old v new


I was after Orange Crush for quite a while and MagpieV6 was selling some on here so I snapped it up





Love DJ OC!

Matt at Magic Detail wanted a volunteer to test some of his prototype wax on, he was only along the m56 in Altrincham so I went for a visit

It's a wax which acts like a ceramic sealant. I'm going to see how it fairs against daily driving and regular washing!!/page3&highlight=prototype+wax




Bought a Steering wheel inset from ebay the other day and it arrived today. Got that fitted straight away




Plans are:-
  • Fit Steering wheel trim
  • Colour code interior trim LY
  • Cup spoiler
  • H&R 30mm springs
  • H&R 25mm spacers
  • 'Recaro R27 #177' decal on the passanger Recaro

And that brings me to now. Had 8 brilliant months of ownership :D


ClioSport Club Member
  255, 230, 172, R26
lovely! Cup spoiler would top her off nicely! Think the rs skirts are a little too much. Theres a ly on with the full rs kit & it just doesn't look right!


ClioSport Admin
Oh my that is pant-wettingly good!!

Makes me want a 197

my actual car or the shop lol? Either way cheers :eek:

Post some pics when you get some spacers mate I dno weather to get 25mil or 20, the car look nice btw

from looking at Christopher's (25mm) and masonr27s (20mm) I'd say 20mm on the front is perfect, but the rear needs to be 25mm.

not sure if mixing and matching is ok, if it is, then that's what I'll be doing :approve:

Great stuff. Gotta love the R27's.

Thanks :approve:
Nice write-up :) I remember seeing the redrep at the RS Tuning meet and really liking it. Good work at getting the dealer to let Paul do the belts too!
  A45 AMG 406BHP
aye, display picture, avatar= same thing ;)

Looks good, Quality is awful in big picture though haha.
Makes me want to go buy a LY!


ClioSport Admin
came home to these today :D


very quick dispatch from ady at n2grafix :approve:

my car is away getting a service tonight, so the f1 decal will be fitted to my passenger Recaro tomorrow when I get it back.

and i'm waiting on the spray guy we use at work to get LY paint to do the dash and steering wheel inserts, then the anthracite 'Renaultsport' will be put on the steering wheel insert.

The stickers look awesome quality. I'm very pleased


ClioSport Admin
Got my car back today, had all the fluids changed (apparently the brake fluid was black:dead:), filters changed, brakes checked, pins are ok, exhaust is fine ( the guy servicing it thought the flat spot was down to a blowing exhaust lol :p) the only thing he picked up on was the tracking; I've known for a few weeks its needed its tracking done so I took it to a place next to work and they sorted it out :) the car feels a lot better now, no fighting it to cruise along anymore... next on the list... tyres lol

As I didn't finish work till late I'll have to fit the recaro sticker tomorrow before/after work. Shoudln't be so excited over a sticker lol