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R27 first mod

  Liquid Yellow 197 F1
Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.

Right so i've just fitted a K&N apollo Induction kit to the clio, and the noise it makes when you hit 5000rpm is just mad.

I'm now looking to maybe get some sort of exhaust and a remap but can anyone give me a good idea of where to go to get it mapped? I was thinking of getting the yozzasport system has anyone got/heard 1 i don't want it to be to loud.
I speak from experience, sounds great but does nothing for power and you will get flat spots, ask Jam Sports they lost 8bhp, really cheap and easy mod just take the cover off the existing airbox it then sounds like a scooby.
fastchip/Rstuner for mapping and I ran a decat Milltek, awesome.
Have fun....

  Liquid Yellow 197 F1
Well i was running it with the cold air feed and it actually seemed to make the car run a bit smoother and pick up better then normal (mine seemed to lack torque compared to most 197's anyway), but i have taken it off for now as its started raining and i didn't want it sucking water or leaves up. Now it seems that it doesn't like doing much from low revs so i'm going to try this weekend to make a cold air feed from the front of the car maybe.

Has anyone tried something like that?
  Liquid Yellow 197 F1
No i really can't decide i've listened to a few on you tube but its hard to hear them properly. It only really needs to be a cat back i guess as everyone keeps saying how much the torque can drop if you get rid of the cats. Are you looking into exhausts as well?
  Liquid Yellow 197 F1
Is that a cat back or de-cat? If yours is a de-cat did you get a remap or are you planning 1?
  Liquid Yellow 197 F1
Thats lucky, i don't think i'd fancy buying a new sports cat. Do you find the K-tec loud?
  Titanium 182
me personally i dont find it too bad others might. ill have to pop down let you come for a quick spin ?
  Liquid Yellow 197 F1
Yer that would be good mate, i haven't seen anyone from here for quite some time now.