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Race with BMW 540

Im not one to bang on about what cars ive wasted but this one is rather interesting. Coming off a roundabout onto a dual carraige way this guy in a 540 decided to boot it. I responded by booting it also as i didnt know how quick they are. Anyway, i was stuck to his bumber all the way to 100mph when we ran out of road and had to break. When i got home i looked up in what car the stats for a 540, 0-60 in 6.3 seconds!!! so im well chuffed that my wee Cup could keep up with him. I imagine he must have been a tad gutted

Yeah, theyre pretty quick alright!

Probably my most proud scalp ever was a 530i on the way back from Donny 2002 (Smoothed Clio was my passenger - hell confirm this!). Anyway, on some random motorway junction in the Midlands, this BMW comes steaming on to the motorway - and I mean really steaming it. He came from the inside lane, cut me up and squeezed into the safe space between me and a Vectra in front. I hate tailgaters, but wasnt in the mood, so just opened up a safe distance again and thought nothing of it.

Ahead of me a little later, the 530i was properly tailgating the poor Vectra, who had no way of pulling over. This riled me a bit, so I waited right until the Vectra was going to move aside and dropped it to 3rd. So, I came up very fast behind the now accelerating 530i and stuck like glue to him. I fully expected him to pull away from me - but oh no I was staying there! The 530 eventually pulled aside and I blasted past at 7000rpm in 4th (a sweet spot in my car) and pulled a good distance over it. I wasnt impressed with myself for tailgating, but considering the circumstances I thought it was fair game and the BM driver might think twice about it next time.