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  1. daverichmond

    Full Circle - The Clio Journey Continues!

    Evening all Placed a deposit on this 200 with Cup Pack and hopefully collecting it this weekend: The car represents somewhat of a full circle journey, having been a...
  2. Sunglasses_Ron

    RDR's BMW 330ci

    I've moved this thread into general automotive as I will use it as my update thread. I had a spare afternoon today so i decided to try and get the Beemer back up to scratch. Usual snow foam, 2 BM wash followed by a layer of Hydro 2. Wheels cleaned with Megs wheel brightener (superb product...
  3. welshname

    Eddie's E21 316 (E30 325i Engined)

    It's for sale good and proper this time!
  4. N

    2010 BMW 320d Pulling to the left

    Hi, Thought i would put this on here to see if anyone has either had this problem or could help diagnose what could be wrong, the problem is with my 2010 bmw 320d, basically it keeps pulling to the left, its only on 40k, fsh, tyre pressures are all ok, no buckled wheels, tyre wear is...
  5. 497adam

    Had the Bmw back at White details

    I haven't post anything in the detailing section lately, mostly out of shame due to how little the Clio and BMW have been washed. Most of the year I have been doing ridiculous amounts of over time and working hard to get fit/lose weight so my love cleaning anything has taken a back seat. The...
  6. J

    BMW 330D M-Sport Touring - 2006

    Recently purchased a clio as I no longer so the same amount of miles. Therefore,i regrettably need to sell this. Open to offers in the region of advertised price.
  7. Pacman.

    Disruptive pattern BMWs and a Blue 197

    Driving through Harlow today and spotted two brand new beemers wrapped in the disruptive pattern they wear to disguise them when on trials. Also parked next to another clio 197 today in Harlow town. Had a good chat with the owner. Wonder if he is on here? Was in his 60s and said he loved his car...
  8. K

    BMW 2002 Tii Video

    Latest video I've created, wondering what peoples opinions are?
  9. Scutch

    Gaydon BMW National Festival 2015 (Pic Heavy)

    Selection of the 400+ photographs I took at Gaydon. Obviously if you aren't a BMW fan, then this thread isn't for you! Great turnout and some incredible looking and sounding cars. Weather was great, too. Enjoyed it. Well worth the 5 hour drive down :smile:
  10. J

    Remaps for BMW 520d - Quantum Remaps?

    Don't know if this is the right section, anyway - My dad has a 11 plate 520d (184bhp twin turbo diesel), and is looking at a re-map. He made some enquiries and ended up speaking to a bloke from AAS (Advanced Automotive Solutions), and got a quote for £299 for someone to come to our house and...
  11. Lozza-p

    V12 BMW!

    A guy from my work is selling his v12 bmw. It's not got long to go. He did say theses engine go for over £1,000. Unfortunately there are no red arrows so I don't know, The road in the picture may come with it or the sky you might be buying that too. Hopefully this...
  12. Rob22

    Weekend in a the BMW i8 (and a a few others! Aston, Tesla, M4)

    So I've been lucky enough to have spent last weekend in this.. Incredible car and you certainly get some looks! We spent the weekend reviewing it as my mate works for a mens lifestyle website 4 go pros mounted on the front/rear/side and follow car along with a couple of drones...
  13. MarcB

    BMW & 1jz Engine

    Thought i would post some videos that a mate i know has done and made. They are very much into the drift scene and are @ Drift Land in fife a lot, The videos are a year or so old but none the less i thought they where a decent watch.
  14. Clart

    2007 BMW E90 335D M SPORT BLACK AUTO Selling up after 2 months of expensive ownership - all the right bits done for the new owner.
  15. Scutch

    BMW M3 Show Car

    Probably the greatest modified car I've ever seen. Ever.
  16. montana

    BMW E46 to 197

    Hi all, Found myself being drawn back to clios, specifically the 197 - i know there is a bit of shared BMW/Clio love on here so here goes...I currently have a 330 which i have just put up for sale, at which point i will be in a position to buy a 197. I have owned a 172 cup and 182 previously...
  17. Gally

    Black Sapphire BMW F10 M5 Detail

    Another small write up for CS, I wouldn't normally bother dependent on time but it was such an awesome car I had to take some pics. Sadly the afters are poor as the owner was in a rush to Sunday dinner! 3000 miles from new, a mass of options, HUD being very cool. Paintwork in decent condition...
  18. O

    MY BMW 125i

    thought id post this up here incase anyone is interested selling my bmw 125 i
  19. H

    Bmw insurance, anyone competitive?

    Are there any insurers on here that can give really competitive quotes. Next car is going to be a bmw. 8 years NCB and a clean license. Not doing to bad with the comparison sites but would like to try get them down a bit more. Thanks
  20. D

    My BMW E46 330i Sport Touring

    Hello all, Long time no post, but I've just got another E46! So I thought it was time to get back involved with the UKs best E46 forum - It's been almost 3 years since I sold my last E46, an Estoril Blue 320d Sport bought from none other than Sir_Dave on here. I loved that car...
  21. DazG

    04 BMW 330ci M Sport convertible £6000ono
  22. S

    BMW F20 120D X-Drive

    Hi All, Some of you may recall that I had a 118D before this, I had added 60k to the clock in just under 2 years - the service pack had finished, it needed a whole new set of tyres and a pretty expensive service. It was going to cost me the same to upgrade rather than paying out for the work...
  23. *Badger*

    BMW F21 125d M Sport

    Yesterday I picked up my new mile munching machine. I've come from a MK6 Golf GTD so the replacement for me was either going to be the ever popular MK7 or one of these. Having previously owned BMWs I was happy to get another as long as I could find what I wanted with a good spec, the build...
  24. Scutch

    BMW M3 CSL Wrapping

    Now this certainly won't be to everyone's tastes, especially with the canvas being a genuine CSL. However, there's no denying the wrap is top quality - it actually looks like a metallic flaked paint :cool:
  25. J

    Adrenalin The BMW Touring car story

    Looks good
  26. Red Cup

    Eddie's BMW 316 E21

    Flash, even on a bright sunny day? Yep, because it makes the colour do this! Eddie's BMW 316 E21 by AdrianFRST, on Flickr Eddie's BMW 316 E21 by AdrianFRST, on Flickr Eddie's BMW 316 E21 by AdrianFRST, on Flickr
  27. Chapppers11

    Moonstone Silver BMW M4 New Car Detail

    Hi guys, thought I'd share a cool job I was called up for - preparing this new BMW M4 at Green Bower BMW down in South Wales. As always I started with the wheels. Washed with the usual two bucket method, then decontaminated with Tardis, Iron Out and a clay mitt, which was much needed...
  28. C

    Bmw 645ci

    Thoughts on these? I don't know much about them, but they look like great VFM! Im after something a little comfier but still fun when needed, I know the V8 sounds a little tame standard but I'm sure with some exhaust work this could unleash the inner monster?
  29. AdDaMan

    My BMW E46 323i On eBay

    My 82k FSH 1 Previous owner BMW 323i on eGay
  30. W

    BMW Style 162 e90+ alloys on eBay Will sell for £400 + postage to a forum member.