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Racing blue 182

  Rb 182
I’ve been meaning to do one of these for a while now. Mostly to keep a track of all the changes and watch the car develop into a more track focused car.

I bought the car from my good friend @djwjohn in September 2017 with the intention of turning it into a well specced track focused car. I’ve done numerous track days in loads of different clios over the years, but always wanted to have an RB track car.


So continuing on from Johns thread above, here’s a quick build up thread on my Racing blue 182.

September - December 2017

I’m very lucky to have the use of a large garage to use and store along with John being very kind in allowing me to use his garage as well. I wanted to replace a load of things on the front end: track rods, TR ends, ball joints along with Black series bushes for the ARB, wishbones and steering rack. At the rear I’ve added some PMS rear stub axel spacers. All this work is carried out at evenings and weekends, when family commitments allow.


After the suspension work was completed we did the usual stripping of the interior. I wanted to keep some creature comforts in this one so some of the interior will make a return. I also managed to buy the first of the large parts of the build : roll cage. Myself and John purchased two cages from Saftey devices, his with single door bars and mines with double door bars with a single diagonal in the back (a cross would have been my preferred choice but the price was too good to pass on).


More to come...


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  Rb 182
January - Febuary 2018

January on holiday from work. We managed to get our friend Scott ‘Henny’ Henderson to weld in both our cages on the same day. A huge thank you to him for that. I’m lucky again to have plenty of space at work to do things like this. The evening before John and I removed any remaining interior trim from both cars and had them on stands ready to weld the evening before.


Once all the welding had been completed I tidied and painted the feet and welds, set about the rubbish task of removing the tar and cleaning the full interior ready to refit some items.


I bought a Trophy rep spoiler from Mick Brace and sent it off for paint. It’s a bit of a marmite modification, which I didn’t like when I fitted it originally. But it has since grown on me.


We refitted all the interior plastics around the roll cage, a tight fit in a lot of places, fitted my Omp seat and Williams harness from my last car.


So full front and rear carpet, front and rear door cards, dash, headliner etc all remains. The only thing that it doesn’t have is sunvisors as they don’t fit with the cage.


Cars now back on its wheels and ready for its MOT.

More to follow....
  Rb 182
March - April 2018

Finally I’ll get to see if the car felt any different after all the changes. MOT required first of all. It passed. A few things to note. Mostly a PAS fluid leak and some rusty discs from sitting about. Nothing too concerning as I’d be swapping to new discs and pads for the track anyway.


First major outing was a run up to Knockhill to watch some track time. It had felt like a long winter and i was delighted just to have it out and about in the spring sunshine.


The PAS steering issue I decided to fix by removing the PAS system and going to manual steering. I used a proLine loop and bung kit, you could probably do it cheaper with some pipe and old bolts. But this was an easy way of doing it.

At the same time I fitted some PMS stud and nuts to replace the original wheel bolts.


This would turn out to be a terrible idea. I found the weight of the manual steering ok on the road but on track I found it really hard work and it had totally ruined the car! I was cursing myself on that one.

More to follow....
  182 trackcar, XC60t6
This would turn out to be a terrible idea. I found the weight of the manual steering ok on the road but on track I found it really hard work and it had totally ruined the car! I was cursing myself on that one.

More to follow....[/QUOTE]

Interesting- I’ve had no PAS on track for a while and don’t mind it.

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Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
I drove it with no pas and it was s**t! The increase in feel wasn't in line with the increase in weight at all. And that was just on the road.


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  Kangoo 172cup
Looks great on the black 2118s.

Im in the same situation with the hpas on my kangoo, the pipework is about shot so need to sort it asap. Cant decide whether to fit epas or go for a hybrid hpas with electric pump a bit like the cup racers. Its awful with no pas from the tow or 3 its had lol
  Rb 182
May 2018

First track day booked for the year - Knockhill 2 hour OPL.

Booked the car in with Automek in East Kilbride to have the tracking adjusted a couple of days before. I would highly recommended Automek, rather than just adjusting the tracking they go over the vehicle to advise of any issues. I was very pleased with the service provided.


Absolutely hated the car on track with no power assisted steering, found it ok on the road but around track with the wider and stickier tyres I found it almost undriveable, this was the worst track day I’ve ever done. After a few laps of wrestling it around I felt like going home. I saw it out untill the end of the OPL and went home determined to male it better again


More repairs and updates into June
  Rb 182
June 2018

In preparation for another 2 hour OPL track day in the middle of June ran by our good friend Mikey. I decided to swap to EPAS, I was very lucky that one of my work colleagues bought a 1:2 Clio to make into a budget stock car but lost interest. I quickly removed all the EPAS goods and set about fitting the new column etc into the RB. I had Mick come and wire in the adjustable controller for me. This has changed the car massively for the better, I’m still not 100% on it and very much prefer the Hpas but at least I can steer properly for just now. It something that I’ll likely look into again over the winter off season.

After the track day and in preparation for track time in July I fitted a set of aero catches to the bonnet. It’s a huge fear that the bonnet could fly up at any point and I feel a lot better with the aero catches over the standard catch.


More to follow into July including a trip to FCS
  Rb 182
Looks great on the black 2118s.

Im in the same situation with the hpas on my kangoo, the pipework is about shot so need to sort it asap. Cant decide whether to fit epas or go for a hybrid hpas with electric pump a bit like the cup racers. Its awful with no pas from the tow or 3 its had lol
I know load of lads that have gone without any PAS and live it. But it wasn’t for me at all. I was so much slower around Knockhill and it really knocked the confidence.

I’ve now swapped to EPAS and it’s loads better but I’m still not 100% happy with it. But I’ll keep at it until it suits me.


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  Kangoo 172cup
I know load of lads that have gone without any PAS and live it. But it wasn’t for me at all. I was so much slower around Knockhill and it really knocked the confidence.

I’ve now swapped to EPAS and it’s loads better but I’m still not 100% happy with it. But I’ll keep at it until it suits me.
I bet its quite hard to correct oversteer without any pas. Does your epas feel a bit numb ? My dci has a dead spot. Ill prob go epas on mine for ease, would really like to do a hybrid hpas with electric pump as the oem hpas feels great to me.
  Rb 182
I bet its quite hard to correct oversteer without any pas. Does your epas feel a bit numb ? My dci has a dead spot. Ill prob go epas on mine for ease, would really like to do a hybrid hpas with electric pump as the oem hpas feels great to me.
I couldn’t push on hard enough to have any, as I knew if it did there was now way I could catch it.

It just feels a bit odd. I can’t put my finger on what it is. I haven’t driven a dci or a 1.2 to know if it feels as it should.
  Rb 182
June - July 2018

The last track day I had swapped from Ds2500’s to Ds1.111, these have taken some getting used to. The braking performance is unbelievable and I’ve been getting used to braking a lot later and hard than I had been previously. A swap to braided lines and Motul RBF600 has completed the braking upgrades for this year.

July 2018

Myself, John, Henny and a few other lads from the Edinburgh/Fife area decided to travel to FCS at Donington this year. John and I left around 1pm, approx 10.5 hours later we finally arrived. Johns Ph1 gave up driving around Rotherham area, we tried road side repairs for an hour before being beat and calling the AA. The full saga can be found on Johns progress thread. Post 926

We decided to both jump in mines and continue the journey down.

Down there I had booked one 2 hour morning session and insisted that John used the RB in an afternoon session. With the temperature around 28deg it turned out to be a fantastic weekend. The car ran perfectly and completed 2 x 2 hour OPL’s with John putting in some really good times coming on the later half of the afternoon. The car did 790 miles round trip including the track time. The gearbox is a bit noisy now and the last of any baffle in the exhaust has been blown out.


More to follow into August...

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
Loved 7/10ths ing it round Donny. Saved the weekend for me for sure.

Fitting the passenger seat in the middle of a cruise in Rotherham was another highlight ?
  Rb 182
August 2018

Few more odds and sods done but nothing of great interest. Gearbox sounds like it’s straight cut still but continues to keep selecting all the gears with minimal drama. Engine is now on around 147k, writing this i should probably check the service history and see if it needs a belt at some point.

9th Aug Mikey’s second track night again 2hr OPL. For this event he chose rain! I wasn’t holding out much hope for it being a good evening for track but I had a fantastic time out, going out and passing things I had no right passing. At this point the car just felt ‘right’ and gave me a whole new level of confidence on track. I decided to keep the road wheels on and with a set of PS3’s and the grip was comical. Usually we do around 60miles on track. In the rain I did 83, it just keep going and going. Not many pics as folk don’t like standing in the rain taking pics apparently.


One of my fav things about the car is after every track day I put the standard passenger seat back in, remove the door bars and put on some road brakes, this means I can still use it for day to day enjoyment like popping out for ice cream with the little man.


A small picture in PFC on their write up of the French car show was cool. Some say they were only taking pictures of the fast cars on track ?

Almost up to date now - it’s been a decent year 2018, has had its ups and downs but finally really getting a feel for the car.

More to follow..

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
The box does sound dreadful but it is the flamers original one. So it did 115k, however many days at crail and maybe 10 track days before you got it.
It's defo done well!
  Rb 182
Come on, next instalment, work can wait.
September - October 18

Nothing really happened in September, I took the Evo out of its shed and displayed it at Cleanfest Edinburgh.


Other than that I bought some parts:

Oz Superleggra’s with 888’r
Sabelt wheel
Momo boss
Carbon cruise panel
yanoo shifter bushes
Couple of odds and sods.


quiet couple of months.
  Rb 182
November 18

I decided to do one last track day. KH had a 4hr OPL for £125, with it being November I was expecting another wet session but as it was cheap I wansn’t overly fussed. The weather turned out to be fantastic and I had the best time around The Hill this year. Car just felt perfect and lap after lap went faultlessly, my confidence grew hugely in the car. I did over 100 track miles on the day.

A few pics of it sitting in the paddock before hand.




  Rb 182
November 18 Pt2

John very kindly too loads of on track pictures for me while watching my wee man for the day as well. You’ll probably notice some marks on my front bumper in some of the pics. These are the floppy cones at the top of the chicane that I like to ‘clip’ , it’s a bit of a bad habit that I should really work on for next year.


And that’s it so far really. Probably missed loads but that’s the gist of it really.

It’s now stored away at my work and off the road for the winter. There’s loads of things I’d like to do but we’ll see what develops, I do love this little car. ?
  Rb 182
I’ve written out a spec list. Although it’s fairly standard compared with some of the track builds on here, it is moving in the right direction.

Racing Blue 182 Spec: T800 DST

• 6 point safety devices cage double door bars single rear diagonal
• Retrimmed steering wheel
• Omp Wrc bucket seat (drivers)
• Willians 5 point harness
• Rear boot carpet
• Trophy Rep spoiler
• Aerocatches (bonnet)
• ePAS column conversion
• PMS solid top mounts and brace
• PMS Stud and nut conversion
• PMS rear axle spacers (10mm)
• Cup Shocks
• Eibach Sportline Springs
• Eibach Camber bolts
• Black series Powerflex wishbone, ARB, steering rack bushes
• Powerflex dogbone and top engine mount
• Speedline 2118’s Michelin Ps3 Tyres (road)
• Dynamic alloys Toyo 888’s (track)
• Oz SuperLeggera 888R’s (track)
• Ph1 air box with ITG filter
• Samco induction bend
• Cup alternator set up
• PAS removed
• Proline Steering rack loop kit
• Powerflow custom decatted exhaust
• Fr: Ds1.11 pads Brembo HC discs
• Front deflector plates
• Braided lines
• Motol rbf 600 Fluid

I moved Johns Flamer down to our garage in East Calder, first time I’d driven it more than a couple of feet, and the feel from the standard HPAS is so much nicer then the EPAS. I’m not sure I want to go to all the hassle again with swapping back but it could be on the cards. F**k cars.
  Rb 182
December 18 to January 19

Cars been off the road sitting at my work since the last update. I’ve removed most of the interior to fix a water ingress and dry it out properly. Along with replacing the steering rack as I had found a bit of play from the last track day. Had one of the lads weld a nut onto the rear panel to take a standard towing eye as the 182 doesn’t seem to have the facility to tow. This was a big problem when John broke down on the way to Donnington last year. We had a tow bar but with no way to secure it to the back of the ‘82 we couldn’t move the car off the motorway. This won’t be an issue again.

Next plans are to straighten the sills out as they’ve been jacked on several occasions and it’s annoyed me since day 1 with the car.

Ideally I’d like to be back on track early March ?‍♂ It’s also developed a misfire that swapping an injector hasn’t fixed so I think it’s a wiring fault . I await John to sort this issue.

  Rb 182
January 2019 - March 2019

Not much happened between January and March, weather had the best of me and was on a bit of a downer. A few bright days in March saw me pull the finger and do stuff.

John popped over to attempt to rectify the misfire by throwing loads of new and old parts at it. He cured it about 95% of the way, but it does still have a slight miss at points.

April 2019 Pt1

With the misfire mostly rectified, I booked it in to have the tracking set up at a local garage. I had him set it to a standard set up as a starting point for the year.


I then booked an MOT, armed with a bribe.



It managed to pass (somehow) emissions aren’t the best even after fitting a new O2 sensor and a set of plugs. But I’ll come back to that.

After the success of having the old RB back on the road I (read John) gave her a quick snowfoam and bath before I did a good 70mile run on the Sunday morning.





All went really well on my run so in my wisdom I booked a trackday for 15th April.

Fitted my Sabelt and Momo boss as well. It’s a lovely wheel, feels the perfect size for the Clio. The Volantech cruise adaptor doesn’t seem to work. Something else I’ll likely get round to looking at, it’s not massively important for what I use the car for but it’s nice to have the cruise for motorway miles to and from the track.


Onto April 19 pt2....
  Rb 182
April 15th 2019

Having done a few more road miles in the car I decided a track day would be the best way to blow the cobwebs out. A 2 hour OPL format at our local Knockhill should fix the misfire a treat.




Weather was set to be good on the day. Nice dry track. Car felt perfect, inspired so much confidence. As the pictures point out I like to brake late and hard. The DS1.11 pads do a fantastic job of stopping the car. It does however highlight how much I need stiffer/better suspension. Hopefully 2019 will see some more development on the car.

Here’s some pictures that John took from the track evening. I managed 78 track miles on the evening, with many people asking if I was training for some endurance racing. Handling felt perfect all night - misfire (surprisingly) only got worse as the evening went on.







Off the track and back onto the road wheels I checked the Lap timing app. At the start of 2018 I was running 65 second laps. After this evening I had dipped into the 62’s with a PB of 62.05 which is fantastic for a car on sportlines and standard shocks.

It’s in desperate need of a new engine and gearbox. The engine is now on 148k and is over due the belts by 3 months. The gearbox now crunches into all gears, but as usual - I’ve got a plan for that.