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Racing blue 182

  Rb 182/Barn find Evo
April - May 2019

Having a rolling booking with MD motorsports annual track evening meant I had accidentally booked on, misfire still doing its thing. 1st of May 2Hour OPL normal direction.

I had been down at Donnington for the BTCC and must have picked up a bug. Feeling very ill and unable to eat I was reluctant to go. But decided against my better judgement that I’d go for a few laps. This turned out a terrible idea, which was a surprise to me but not for everyone else. 33 track miles and I had pack up and gone home early.

I’ve bought a couple of things for the car that should make it more capable on track. It’ll likely be a few months before these “improvements” take place.

For now I’ve a couple of pictures of the car as it sits before it gets a bit of a remodel.









  Rb 182/Barn find Evo
May - July 2019

Not a huge lot happening with Tboost atm. A few bits and bobs happening being the scene. Cars currently with John while he works on his 197. He kindly polished up the headlights while I was on holiday, removing some marks from clipping cones and some bad haze on the drivers side.

He also fitted a set of new injectors and a set of leads which seems to have fixed the misfire for now.

Summer rebuild will likely go to a winter rebuild if she keeps being good. ??

  Rb 182/Barn find Evo
Early August 2019

Booked our usual track night with MD Motorsport, 2 hour OPL normal direction.

Gave the car a good checking over, couple of bolts I managed the slightest of turns on but everything’s looking as it was under side. Quick bleed of the front brakes on the 31/07/19 again with Motul RBF600. Swapped the gearbox oil as well, the gearbox crunches pretty badly and I’ve very little mechanical sympathy as I’ve a spare box waiting to fit.


2Hour open pit evening at Knockhill.

Ran with a standard pass seat and belt to give John and cousin Mark a few passenger laps (usual only run the drivers seat). The extra weight is fairly noticeable when pushing on, the car feeling much slower and brakes having to work a lot harder. Managed to melt/bubble the powdercoat on the front wheels this time out.

No on track pictures. Just a few from the paddock and one of a milestone mileage. ?

  Rb 182/Barn find Evo
Is that all? Less than normal
A fair bit less, i think it was the extra weight that put me back in the pits more often.
Cousin Mark is 100kg so a fair bit extra weight to throw about.
+ The red flag stoppage for some van in the gravel.
  Rb 182/Barn find Evo
August 2019

In preparation for another 2 hour OPL on the 26/08/19, I removed all the wheels and did a full once over, everything looking as it should. The Brembo HC are starting to show some signs of deterioration now so likely a change after the next track day or 2 🤞.

26/8 2 Hour OPL reverse direction - Knockhill

After a few sighting laps I remember just how odd it is going around Knockhill in the reverse direction. But as the evening went on I gradually fell into a good rhythm. I tagged onto the back of a friends Mini Cup car as he put in some testing for an up and coming SMRC race. Following his lines and breaking points was very interesting but good to get a different approach, they’re very aggressive on turn in.


Once off track I noticed some drops of oil on the ground, something I’ll need to have a proper look into.


In total I did 58 track miles on the night. Car still feels pretty good all round. 💙

  Rb 182/Barn find Evo
September 2019

An impromptu 1 hour track evening appears on the horizon 02/09/19. As part of being a track day club member with Knockhill we get a free hour track evening once a year. It was really badly publicised, with details being realised the Friday before. Not one to miss a freebie I decided to give the car a quick check over and go play. The oil leak that had appeared on the last evening seemed to have came down from the rocker cover, it’s had a minor leak there for years but it’s progressively getting worse.

02/09/19 Normal direction - 1 hour OPL -wet

Weather conditions were pretty poor, unpacked in the pit garages to shelter from the rain. Staying on my road wheels and PS3’s was the only choice. I really enjoy a wet day, I’ve a lot of confidence in the car in the damp conditions. So managed to go out and put in some great laps. Totalled up a nice 50 track miles in the hour.

There was a another 2 hours available after, I wasn’t going to book in but decided to do so as it was going great. Signed on and back out. One warm up lap to get the tyres and brakes back to where they had been then into a flying lap.

Broke hard at the hairpin and down into second, bang, instant smell of oil. Luckily I managed to dive straight into the pits. A quick look underneath confirmed that was my evening over.


Quickly alerted the marshals for the possibility of dropped oil, but luckily there wasn’t anything to be concerned about.

Looking back over the thread the box had started making noises at Donnington in 2018 so I’ve had fair warning to have it sorted. But it’s decided it’s had enough this time.

I’ve towed it back to my work and I’ll get a plan rolling for the next part of its evolution. 💙💙