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Racing Season lined up - CTR + Cup

My mate is picking up his civic type r next week, so.... the question can be answered is a cup quicker.

We have an airstrip near us, so Ill see if we can get on there, if not, it might have to wait until the weather improves and we can get on a track.



On a track the cup would beat it my some margin. The fact is its faster on the straights and twisties, the steering is lacking in the CTR and so youll have a big advantage. The hondas gearbox though, very nice!

Mine is a touch quicker. He wasnt best pleased from the way he pulled straight out onto a roundabout and nearly into the back of someone cos I went past him hehe :devilish:

Hey y0z, have you got an AP22? If not, are you anywhere near Northamptonshire? If you are, I could pop over with mine, and have a play. If not, maybe someone else can lend assistance. Would be fun, methinks!

not got an ap22, but I am sure i could get one, how much are they?

Staffordshire is where my mate with the civic is