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I have a reasonable detector.. radar and laser.. be careful of yank ones with xband.. they give loadsa false readings unless they got a desensitivity or xband disable...

give me a bell m8.. hmmmmmmmm, compressor swap / deal coming up lol


07970 993503

I bought a Roadie Detector from Makro for £99 plus VAT, quite a few false alarms but city mode cuts them out, cheapest in the country as far as I can tell.

If you want the best its the Bell 550 Euro (about £350)
  Honda Civic Type R GT

Just bought a Bel 550, got it for £265. I can dig out the name/number if youre interested ?


Joe, tried phoning, always willing to deal, youve got my number.
Got your missed call, after lunch is best time to call, Paul


"Just bought a Bel 550, got it for £265."

Should this be £365? If not where on earth did you get this price - cos I need one!


Its best having both a radar detector and something like a road angel, best have all your options covered rather than half of them!

  Honda Civic Type R GT

Guys sorry, not been on the site that much but Im back now. £265 is correct, Ill get you a contact number and post it tonight.


  Honda Civic Type R GT

Mine came from Comtech (Complementary Technologies Ltd, Bolton) Tel 01942 851808. £264.38.



looked on the net and found them, you have listed their fax No. by mistake

Comtech Products
28 Manchester Road,
Lancs. BL5 3QJ

Tel:- +44 (0) 1942 851800
Fax:- +44 (0) 1942 851808

A little confused over the price as the site says £359 but then if you try to order one it then says its £449 so Ill give them a call in the morning to see what the current price is
  Ford Fiesta

i recently got a snooper S5 and think its really good. Looks quite smart too. not cheapest but its the best snooper model ever. Be careful of knocking of X band, yeah a lot of traffic signals and auto doors use this band but so do a lot of speed cameras.

better safe than sorry.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

Bradfordlad, im gettin an S5 in a few weeks, and the first thing i will be doing is takin off X band, its not used in the UK in cameras, the only place you will find it is possibly roadwork traffic lights, maybe other traffic lights, and shop doors
  Ford Fiesta

this is a pic using my 7210 camera of where my snooper s5 is installed.

you need to copy and paste the URL I think
  Ford Fiesta

there is a new snooper model with gps and normal detector in one anyone got one yet? no need for 2 models to get best coverage anymore