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Radio code

Replaced the battery the other day, meaning the radio has now been reset.

I read a few past posts on here and following their advice I went to Renault with my docs and asked for my radio code. In reply, they asked for £25!

After arguing a bit with the pretty parts girl, I left without my code.

Can anyone help? I refuse to give £25 to Renault for my own code to my own radio.
I'm not a tight b*****d, it's just a matter of principle IMO. I'd rather give £25 notes to a worth cause.

  Ford Fiesta
you with the ISR international security register? depending how old your car is you should be. They have all details like locking wheel nut number, key code radio code etc...
  Megane DCi 147bhp/350nwm
you should have the code in your service book or somewher elike that. if not they can not charge you. my local Renault Harrats garage said to me to bring down my v5 and the car to prove its mine and they'd happily tell me it!