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Random pics of the 182

  Golf R soon...
Here are few pics of the 182 in the driveway, nothing special :rolleyes:

Before you ask the exhaust is a blueflame :)

All pics taken on a K800i











And a rather nice black 197. Parked in the Renault garage at Swindon

Cool pics, tho the piece of gate thats holding the back boxes together doesn't look too clever...
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  Leon Cupra R 225
nice pics indeed from a camera. blueflame all the way, nice one daz.

hope you have an ITG maxogen too ;)
  Golf R soon...
Argh! To many people to reply too :)

Thanks for the nice comments :)

I don't live in Swindon, very close though, near RAF Brize Norton

The blueflame was £235 and managed to get it fitted by a local garage for £30 :cool:

I soooooooooo want an ITG Maxogen but I just don't have that much spare cash at the min :dapprove:

Trust me the black 197 is soooo nice, have to see it in the metal I think, I haven't really seen many pics that do it justice to be honest.

Baby D - I llllloooooovvveeee the 1st pic as well! :p
  Golf R soon...
Davehughes said:
where did u get if from, blueflame??

I got mine from blueflame direct, did the groupbuy about 2 months ago, I think we got like 30% off the normal price in the end.
  missmy257bhp r5/ got evo6
loving the 182 love that color

would not piss on the 197 if it was on fire unless i was pissing petrol lol
  Golf R soon...
richlawson said:
loving the 182 love that color

would not piss on the 197 if it was on fire unless i was pissing petrol lol

They colour is what made me buy it!

Not a fan of the 197 then :rolleyes: :p


  Clio Mk 1
hate the 197 looks way to big and clumpy

the 182 looks quality mate great photos for a phone lol
  LY V6 with Recaros
Good pics for a phone. Nice car, and love the exhaust too. Not too keen on the 197 though.