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Rapid V6 Clio

  Clio v6

A13 approching Dageham Sat night You where in a cruise with many heavily modded/Maxed cars.

Your reg was very obviously reworked to say what your car is.

Some old git was delibrately holding the convoy up, but when he was coaxed to move over, you absolutely flew up the road.

Now even dropping mine into 3rd, I dont think I would have "looked" that quick ( I may be wrong )

I havent noticed your reg on the forum but if you are a user, please let me know if your car is modded or do all V6s go like that.

Feeling the power is different to seeing it I think? ( or does that sound silly? )

Driving a car is different to seeing it/being passenger.

get someone to drive it for ya with you in passengers seat, and you will realise what kind of power its got! :)

our V6 that ran on dunlop cut slicks didnt seem overly fast, but torque was amazing.

Did rev nicely though.....

one thing i thought about the gearlever though, it comes back nice, but the throw forward is miles!!!!


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

It could be the one we saw down Southend with the 2 nitrous tanks?

i was just gonna say the same thing, a very nice v6, with a numberplate describin it to a tee. it was him down at southend, big guy, two huge n2o tanks in the window, i wont post his plate, its too obvious.

Jas where were you? i didnt see any cliopsport members, altho many clios! did you see that mad yellow modded one!


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

danny, the cliosport meet a couple of weeks ago. havent been down since then.