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  182 track, Mk7 ST
Have you had the inlet off and checked all your spark plugs are done up tight? Just a thought but it could be worth a try before anything else
  182 track, Mk7 ST
no i havent would it not miss if they where loose other than the rattle the car funs ok

No it wouldn't as it's still in the bore and connected but they are know to work themselves loose, especially in cylinder 3. Mine did even though they were all torqued up correctly, had a feeling what it could be so had it all off and voila, a nice loose spark plug that had backed off a turn and a half or so :/ mine was running fine but just started to sound really noisyand tappety.

Seriously worth a look, it'll only take half hour tops to have it off and back on again and could save you a hell of alot of work and money. Even if it's not that you might find the issue when you've removed all the top end clutter
  clio 182 sport
Well I've had top of spark plugs fine not loose, rattle sounds like its coming all the way along the top through the cams
I had the exact noise it sounded loose and around the camshaft area,it turned out to be the waterpump bearing had gone!!
  clio 182 sport
Been to a garage I was told to go as one of the guys used to work for renault straight away before I even popped bonnet said dephaser knackered and I don't think the warranty covers it well sick as only had the car 2 months last Renault I'm buying me thinks
  clio 182 sport
Thought it would have but it wasn't bought from a main dealer and warranty is through warranties 2000 and it the gold warranty if anyone knows this warranty company
  Renault Clio 182
erm... if theres any power loose and not revving like it should when going for abit it could be the vvt pulley, maybe?

if so then looking at £125 for the pulley and recommended cam belt change which are about £450
Here's a video of my waterpump (off the car) but you get the idea on how noisey it would have been at idle speeds etc.. it never leaked either?:)

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  clio 182 sport
Would you get the same symptoms with a water pump then as you would a dephaser meaning when you but ears near the top cover sounds like cams rattling
The specialists that looked at mine first said it was the dephaser then put it down to a failed rocker! so took it to my usual place and they found it to be the waterpump. And it sounded like it was coming from the rocker cover/camshaft area.


ClioSport Club Member
  Mk1 Audi TT 3.2 V6
Well, if you get the cambelt, dephaser done, and get the water pump done while its all off, you should be sorted
  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R
You'd know if it was the dephaser. There's a few vids on Youtube of that failing. Not a nice sound.