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Hi everyone I have been in hiding trying to finish up at work before I leave. Just a quick question.

My sunroof trim rattles like mad. Will they attempt to fix this under warrenty?

  Chocolate Bar™
if its a mk2 ph2 its a common problem. mine used to make a bit of a rattly noise so i took it to two renault dealers who wouldnt sort it. but then one of them agreed to replace the handle and its been much better since.

so they should do it really - but will probably try and fob you off. some dealers try and 'modify' it themselves using a thin piece of rubber to clamp the handle down tighter. just a profession bodge
They will there 3 level of fix though and if the last mod does't work then thats it they cannot fix it.
So they will try 3 differnet mods then give up? It is not the sun roof that rattles. It is the trim on the roof around the sun roof. If I hold it it stops.

ooooooooo <---- if the sun roof is the "--" it is this bit here the "oo" hope this makes sense!!!