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Rb + Bg + Ly = P0rn...part 2

  FF Blackgold 182
Following on from Schweppy's thread from yesterday afternoon's mini meet;, here are a few of mine. We wanted to go to an industrial area and seeing as Avonmouth is probably one of the biggest industrial areas in the country and very local to us, we went there.






  FF Blackgold 182
Cheers for all the comments chaps and chappesses! Was a good little meet and I'm pleased how the pics have come out. :cool: I do have some more, but I haven't got round to sorting them out. They are def the best ones though. Hopefully get some good ones on Sunday at the mahoosive meet! :evil:
  20vt Fiat Coupe(182 Sold)
Nice pics. Really like that liquid yellow colour. As said in other post, cars looking good.
  FF Blackgold 182
like the splitter on the black one.
Nice to see something different for a change! :cool:

Well at last, someone has made a comment about the splitter, lol. Cheers for the comment mate. I'm happy how it looks as the car def has a more aggressive look at the front. :evil: I was expecting a flurry of comments from people saying, "Cupra R splitter on that Black 182, looks crap etc..., but you're the first to notice. lol. Cheers again. :)