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RB stripes fitting help

  RB 182 cup
right well got my stripes today off a mate for free;) and wanna get round to fitting them this weekend

and one got any advise on fitting, they are just normal vinyl stickers.

do i need to fit them like window tints etc with soapy water etc or just do i go and stick them straight on?

also any idea on the measurements to fit them? width apart . . . etc

many thanks
  500 Twinair
Would assume you just wash the car and dry very well to get rid of any dirt, then carefully place on the stripes, starting from the roof, then line up with the bonnet and rear of the car.
My stripes were 12cm, width, from the front of the roof, by the widscreen, the 5cm of the stripe, 10cm in between the stripe, and obviously 5cm of stripes again.
Hope that makes sense.
  RB 182 cup
thanks for that i will have a measure up 2mo. so glad i got 2 sets cuz i can see me making a right mess lol
  R34 GT-R & 172 Cup
Put a line of masking tape from your bonnet to your boot to use as a guide makes the job much easier. Also make sure the sticky part of the stripes is wet or if dry as soon as it touches the roof your stuffed :)
  Grande Punto, Clio 182
You'd probably be best to clay it before hand aswell. Maybe me being picky but it means there wont be any lumps or bumps under the stripes ;)


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182 arctic
i work for a sign company. if you havent done anything like this before i would use the soapy water method. make sure the car is clean but stay away from waxes and silicone based stuff. wet the car body and the vinyl with the soapy water and place it on. when you have it where you want i would take a few steps back and look along the stripes to see if they are straight with each other. then squeeze all the water/air out. leave it to dry aslong as possible so the edges seal properly. maybe get a hairdryer/heat gun to speed up the process, especially the edges. job done