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RB182 running rich, no warnings

Hi, first time posting. I’ve got a RB182 engine is completely standard bar having a Tony banks sports car back system fit. It runs and drives great no issues with power, but it stinks of fuel and smokes abit (extremely rich)

ive fit new plugs recently along with full service and injectors. Also fit a new downstream lambda sensor to try and sort the issue.
Does anyone know weather the two lambdas are the same part or is the upstream one different to the downstream.
No warnings on dash and no fault codes.

help form someone would be brill.

thanks in advance


ClioSport Club Member
I’d be looking at the ‘upstream’ pre cat lambda. Mine was running rich (stank of fuel) but had no warning lights or fault codes showing, I checked the live data via my RS tuner and it was clear the lambda sensor was a bit lazy. I replaced it with a brand new Bosch sensor and it fixed the problem.

Both sensors are the same, but with different part numbers which correlate to the length of wire. However they both fit in either position.