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Really Noisy Powered Steering

  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

I know this is expected of a Clio, but ive had a new steering rack etc.

When you open the bonnet, theres always oil on the Powered Steering Reservoir cap - is this normal, as i remember my old clio doing this too!

Also, when starting up - the steering makes a noise like you are turning the wheels on the spot or something, i thought it would wine only when turning, not when standing still??

Also last thing, sometimes when its cold more than anything it gets stiff in places when turning around a 90 Degree bend - why would this be?

You ought to here the noise of the power steering the mini make Nick!! Nearly as whiney as the Supercharger under full throttle!!

Nick, just noticed that you have a GTT with the Dimma Kit. There is one which lives about half a mile away from me which is apparently running at 240bhp??? Word of mouth only so dont quote me on it. It is in a sort of greeny silver flip paint. What is the handling like on them? Dont want to make myself blush when the inevitable time comes along!! If it is running 240 brake I dont fancy fratinizing with it off a set of lights!!

Im afraid that Nick used to have a GT Turbo, and now has a Dimma-kitted Clio 16v. He had another 16v before the 5!


The reason your steering whines is because it is a Electro-Hydralic unit and is powered by an electric motor rather that the normal fan belt driven pump.

Im no expert on clios but i have had this on another car, the groan was the relief valve lifting all the time cause the pressure was too high, and it used to go Heavy for no reason when turning. Does the cap have a vent in it? if so it should bleed itself. Try loosening the cap and turning it lock to lock a few times. You didnt say how long this has been happening. did it start right after the rack was replaced or did it start later? and is it new rack not a recon one?
  BMW 320d Sport

Cooper boy -I can safely say that if you dragged against a 240bhp GTT you would nail it and it would look like youd missed 1st and put it in reverse! They are quick.

Noisy power steering on valvers - totally common and expected. Search for previous posts.

Quick cure - park up on gravel and go lock to lock for about 10 times. this self bleeds air from the system, but ultimately it will return.

Replace pump.

I had a new power steering pump fitted now it hardly makes a noise as for the cap ive noticed a little fluid soaked into the sorrounding foam...........
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

How much should it be for replacing the Pump??

Its just really noisy, pretty much all the time! When its cold and i start the car up - just standing still it sounds like someone is turning left and right - you know the noise, it goes up, down, up, down but quite quickly - its really weird!!!

Should i try undoing the cap, turning it lock to lock and see if that helps then?? Will the fluid not all splurt out if i do this??