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*** Rear Beam Went??? ***

  PH2 Track Car
I noticed my passanger side rear wheel was sticking further out than drivers side but car seemed to drive fine.

Couple days later got banging and scratching noises from said wheel. took it off to find rubbing in arch liner and leaking shock.

The car then jammed said wheel and ABS light came on. got if freed and limped it home to garage, even at low speed the wheel was wobbling as if wheel bolts loose, there not ;)

take it the rear beam has went??? how hard to replace???
  clio 172
My car did the same, it was the bearing, i have changed the bearings etc and everything is fine now but my passenger wheel sticks out further than o/s/rear aswel, id be interested to see if you can find out what is wrong :S
  PH2 Track Car
cheers mate. hope so cause much easier fix. amazing the chaos a bearing can cause.